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Fun Stuff:

The following are some fun videos of horses in beautiful motion...

Gotan Liberté by Clémence Faivre

Chris Norman - Mustang Sally

Parelli YouTube Channel



Parelli Natural Horsemanship Training

Parelli Savvy Club

Linking Awareness


Kind words from one of Heather's students:

Jackie and Okie"I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying our PNH lessons. For over a year I've been following the program on my own and I thought I was progressing quite well. Since I started taking lessons from you I am seeing a significant, positive change in my progress.

I tend to get task oriented and want to rush ahead so I really appreciate your calm and professional explanation on the importance of waiting, effective timing and having faith in the process. I started this program hoping to gain confidence in my ability to train my horse and to win his respect and with your help it has turned into something a lot more important!

I eagerly look forward to our weekly lesson and I know my horse does as well. We both thank you."

Jackie Garrett & Okie