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Kind words from one of Heather's clients:

"I was first introduced to Body Talk a year and a half ago. I was having extreme pain after a major nerve surgery in the leg, while my nerve regenerated. In addition, pain I was experiencing from years of accommodating this injury had given me a pinched nerve in my neck , radiating down my arm. So it was very difficult to function with pain in both upper and lower limbs.

Heather McNeil began doing Body Talk Sessions. After the first, I immediately felt a sense of peace and relief. As time went on, my symptoms began to settle down. Today, I am easily 70% better from an extreme pain situation and able to function again and be normal. I am especially proud that I am able to go to the gym every day! Body Talk has cleared or unblocked that which was keeping me from healing. I would highly recommend the sessions to anyone who has physical or emotional issues that they are struggling with."

Robin Warner