Client Testimonial

"There are times when life throws you so many curves you just don’t think you can take even one more blow.  I was recently single after going through years of difficult times with the father of my two youngest children when disaster struck; Yoshi, the youngest of our dogs, was hit by an SUV.  I was in Orangeville when I got the call and rushed to be with her.  She had been hit in the head.  The gash on her head extended from her nose to behind her right ear and was peeled back to reveal her cracked skull.  Unable to get up, I picked Yoshi up and put her in my car with no clue as to what I would do.  I had little funds, was receiving no support for the children and had a huge mortgage; on top of that it was Sunday.  The idea of going to an emergency clinic was out of the question and so I made the only decision available to me.  I called my vet and begged her to please let me come in so I could put Yoshi out of her misery.  I was distraught when I arrived and lay my precious little girl on the floor of the clinic.  The vet looked her over and found that she had no response in any of her legs, confirmed that her skull had been fractured in a few places and said that the chances of her surviving were pretty much zero.  Then, knowing it was more for me then the dog, she gave me the option of giving Yoshi 24 hours for a flat fee.  We had to try.

Amanda and I left the vet’s place feeling that this could very well be the last time we saw Yoshi alive.  Wanting to give Yoshi every possible chance to survive I texted Heather and told her of the situation.  Immediately Heather started Fast Aid on Yoshi and we waited.  I expected to hear from the vet first thing the following morning but did not receive a call.  Heather continued Fast Aid and I called the vet; no answer.  Shortly after the vet returned my call and I fully expected to hear that Yoshi was gone.  The first thing she said to me was, ‘Sorry I didn’t call you sooner but you’ll never guess what I was doing..... I was walking Yoshi.’ I think my jaw hit the floor.  She said that this was a miracle dog and she really hadn’t expected Yoshi to survive.  In fact she was stunned that she had lived to see the morning let alone be able to go outside to pee.  She had survived the first 18 hours but really couldn’t be considered to be out of danger yet.  The vet asked for another day and on the following morning I received a call to tell me that Yoshi could come home.  Home! Less than 48 hours later she was coming home.  When I picked Yoshi up the vet said that she was so convinced that my dog would not make it that she only put 6 stitches in her 8 inch long gash.  Had she believed that there was a chance that a dog could survive this she would have taken the time to properly stitch the wound.  I didn’t care, I was taking my little girl home and I was to return in 10 days to have the wound assessed, by that time Yoshi should be strong enough to survive the anaesthetic required to repair the wound.  Over the next 10 days Heather continued with fast aid and Yoshi continued to heal.  The wound had scabbed over so there was no telling what kind of mess was left underneath but it was time to return to the vet so we would know soon enough.  We didn’t even get past the waiting room.  The vet met us out there and immediately sat down with Yoshi, amazed at how good she looked.  Then the moment of truth, the vet cleared away the scab and under it was a beautifully healed line of fresh pink skin.  The six stitches were removed and no surgery was ever required. 

That was over a year ago now and Yoshi is doing great.  If you didn’t know she had the accident you would never notice the scar.   Although the scar has faded the memory of that day and the days that followed are vivid in my mind.  Every time I look into Yoshi’s eyes I am reminded of the care and kindness of the two people who helped her to survive this horrific ordeal; the vet and Heather, and the strength of one little dog who never gave up. "

Adrienne & Yoshi