About Heather McNeil

Heather McNeil - Natural Horsemanship

Heather was born loving all creatures, great and small.  She has always had a special appreciation for the horse, however, and it has figured prominently in her personal development.

Heather has a strong scientific background and holds multiple degrees (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Veterinary Infectious Diseases).  During her years as a research scientist, she was honing her skills to be a good observer, but something was just not right about her journey.  Heather just knew that there had to be something out there that would nourish her soul in a way that traditional scientific research was unable to do.

Meanwhile, she was riding horses as a hobby, and showing successfully.  Through a series of events that she now believes to be “divine intervention”, she met one of her mentors, Larry Stewart, who introduced her to Parelli Natural Horsemanship in November 2003.  She never looked back and it has become a true passion.  From her first exposure to this wonderful program, she dreamed of becoming an instructor and helping other horse lovers to achieve the fantastic results that she was experiencing with her own horses.  That dream came true in January 2010 when Heather was awarded her One Star Junior Instructor status as a fully Licensed Parelli Professional. Since then, she has continued to build on her skills and is now a Three Star Instructor.

In a wonderfully synchronistic event, she met another mentor, Loesje Jacob, who introduced her to the fascinating world of BodyTalk in August 2008.  Loesje convinced Heather that her scientific training would serve her well as a BodyTalk Practitioner and that she could use this certification to have a practice that specialized in animals.  Heather continues to study with Loesje to develop her intuitive abilities.

Heather launched her own business, Balanced Equation, in January 2009, and can truly say that she is living her dream.  Balanced Equation offers two different and distinct services.  Heather teaches Parelli Natural Horsemanship lessons as a Licensed Parelli Professional, and she offers BodyTalk sessions as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.


Heather invites you to learn more about both her Bodytalk and Parelli services and Contact her if you need more information.

Kind words from one of Heather's students:

Birgit and Echo"I just wanted to take the time to say thank you.  I really appreciate and enjoy my one on one lessons with you. Sometimes I find I can get easily discouraged and frustrated and I let it hold me back.

You give me constructive feed back while being encouraging at the same time. With your help I've discovered parts that needed fixing and places to be more particular.

I find you to be a calm and patient puzzler solver, as well as a clear and focused instructor/coach."

With great appreciation and thanks.
Birgit & Echo